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Kimjang [gim-jang] is one of the very important Korean food cultures which unites people and make them connected in the community. It’s also listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. You can experience the real Korean Kimchi culture in our workshop. You don’t need to go to Korea for this, come to us and let’s make Kimchi together in an authentic way! And celebrate Kimchi making and share a day like a big Korean family 🙂

What we’ll do:

You will get to dive deep into the traditional and authentic Korean food culture of fermentation. It starts with fermented Welcome Drinks (Kombucha, Water Kefir and Ginger Beer) and gets to taste Kimchi which you are going to make and other fermented foods (various kinds of Kimchi and some Korean snack). After that, you will get some hands-on experience on how to make traditional Kimchi; how to prepare the ingredients (cutting and salting), learn how to make ultimate vegan Kimchi paste and all the authentic tips and stories around Kimchi. Next up there will be a sumptuous and exotic after Kimjang feast made of fresh ingredients and various Kimchi on the side. That’s a time to share more stories and experiences, and exchange fermentation knowledge in a casual setting, while enjoying a well-deserved Korean meal.

Menu for the meal:

The traditional meal on the day of Kimjang (Boiled pork meat and boiled tofu slices), Ssam-jang (Soybean paste sauce), Kimchi Soup, Steamed Rice, and Various Kimchi

What we’ll provide:

Welcome Drinks (Kombucha, Water Kefir, Ginger Beer) / Kimchi tasting / Comprehensive meal / All cooking ingredients and cooking equipment (including aprons) / A Kimchi recipe and knowledge about fermentation / ca. 1kg of freshly made Kimchi

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