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Penicillium candidum | Camembert Culture


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CHOOZIT™ Cheese Cultures

Mould in liquid suspension form for cheese production. Penicillium candidum is the ordinary name of Penicillium camemberti.

It is a maturation/ripening culture made up of Penicillium candidum spores from strains which are specifically selected and designed to ensure the ageing without flavour and aspect defects, for soft body cheese, surface mould. Specially adapted to soluble products with 70 to 90 days shelf life. More, it suits to more traditional curds. Strain of Penicillium candidum allows to get a good mycelium cover stability on soft cheese along the shelf life of the cheese. No flavour defects and good biochemical stability due to low enzymatic activities. Whiteness and homogeneous appearance.


Good enough for about 5kg of Cashews or 500L of Milk.

Cultures need to be kept refrigerated +4C for up to 3 months or can be frozen -18C for up to 12 months.


For bigger size portions please contact us directly:


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