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Gluten-freies Backen | Gluten-free Baking


Join us for a Gluten free bread FEAST! Over a hands-on 5 hour workshop, we will explore the world of Gluten Free baking, making sourdough, breads, crackers and sweet treats that you will be able to recreate at home. The workshop finished with a 2 course feast, where we get to sample all of the bread and bakes with some delicious accompaniments.

INSTRUCTOR My name is Rychel Scott, I am an artist, photographer and cook. I was born in New Zealand, spent many years in the British Isles, and have been living in beautiful Vienna since 2016. I began cooking and eating Gluten Free after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 10 years ago. Being a cook and a foodie, I couldn’t let this new way of eating get in the way of a good meal. Over the years I have developed reliable recipes for breads, crackers, flatbreads, cakes and cookies that impress wheat-eaters regularly! Check out my Instagram feed @rychels_table for lots of dairy free and gluten free food inspiration.

Professionally, I have been involved in various areas of hospitality over the last 20 years, have graudated with a Fine arts Painting degree, a Masters in Contemporary Indigenous Visual Arts, and a diploma in teaching for adult education. I continue to run creative arts and cooking workshops for adults in the UK and Vienna.

THE COURSE Gluten free baking is an art of its own – you need to combine the different properties of many flours – teff, buckwheat, oat, rice, starches, etc; to get close to the texture and taste that comes with wheat flour. In the Gluten Free baking workshop, I will talk about the rainbow of different gluten free flours available, and how to bake best with them. The class is going to be hands on: we are going to feed and use a gluten-free sourdough starter to make gluten free crackers, bake an Italian style focaccia, flip some fermented chickpea soccas and mix up a simple buckwheat sodabread. We will finish with a couple of sweet treat recipes that you can serve up over the holidays.

Oat and Chestnut Sourdough, bio butter, salt.
Gluten Free Focaccia, olive oil, balsamic
Gluten Free Sourdough Crackers, homemade hummus, parsley + za’atar pestina
Socca – rosemary, caramelised kimchi + soft goats cheese, lemon. Seasonal salad.
Savoury Buckwheat Soda Bread, MisoMole, Granny T’s tomato salad, devilled eggs
Peanut butter + chocolate chip cookie bites
Never-fail Banana Bread, banana, walnut and miso ice cream.


While the Gluten-free workshop will only be using gluten free ingredients, we will be working in an environment where wheat and gluten are present. If you are Coeliac and would like to attend the course, please get in touch with us. With prior notice it is possible for us to prepare the workshop space to suit your needs.

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09.November / 14.30 – 19.30 Uhr

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