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Rinse your work stress with healthy Probiotic Fermented Drinks on Friday evening. JO MYOUNGHEE & ALEX BACHINGER from Bubbles & Kraut will give a showcase of how to make your own fermented drinks at home and share their knowledge with you over the fermented cocktail!

What we’ll do:

You will get to dive deep into the traditional fermented drinks made with Kombucha, Jun Tea, Water Kefir, and Ginger Bug. It starts with tasting pure and flavored fermented drinks first to get to know them. After that, we will give you a showcase of all 4 different fermented drinks how they look and work and share the fermentation knowledge and recipe. And we will wrap up with drinking cocktail, which made with fermented drinks, with some snacks (Kimchi biscuits and tofu crackers). While we are giving away SCOBY and Water Kefir grains, we can discuss further about fermented drinks.

What we’ll provide: 
Drinks for tasting (Kombucha, Jun Tea, Water Kefir, Ginger Beer) / Fermented Drink Cocktail (we offer 3-4 different cocktail choices) / Piece of Kombucha SCOBY & Water Kefir grains.


This class will be conducted bilingual English/German.

Der Kurs findet ab einer Teilnehmerzahl von sechs Personen statt.

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