SUMMER OPEN KITCHEN – Cheers to Summer with Bubbles

26.07.2019 /// Friday 17:00 – 20:00

23.08.2019 /// Friday 17:00 – 20:00

Free entry with donation (RSVP required)


This summer, we open the door of our kitchen for you to take a walk into the world of fermentation. Come and visit us and Bubbles & Kraut at their new place and take a look around, taste some of their freshly fermented Kimchi and Drinks. And you can ask anything about them and their  superfoods or simply share ideas over great bubbles around you!

We are more than happy and super proud to have Bubbles & Kraut join Wild & Wunder, so now they have all the space they need for a shop, showcase kitchen, production kitchen and storage. Everything’s fermenting here, even the space itself…

Please come and give them some feedback on anything so they can ferment well and healthily!

What’s happening at the event:

Tasting /// You can taste all their amazing Kimchi products, Classic Kimchi, Caramelized Kimchi, Carrot Kimchi and a new Kimchi range they are planning to present in Autumn. Plus, their newly presented drinks products, Ginger Beer, Kuma Beer, Water Kefir, Kombucha and many more.

Showcasing /// They will show you how to eat and cook Kimchi and enjoy more this summer, especially for the holiday and summer party.

Taking Superfoods /// You can buy their freshly fermented products at the event and enjoy at home with your friends and family.

Entry is free but please be so kind to give RSVP at so they can prepare better 🙂

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